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Mentors & Shadowers

A HUGE thank you to all of our mentors and shadowers this year! 

Benish Alam University of Florida College of Pharmacy 

Rebecca Baldwin Entomology and Nematology 

Carolina Baruzzi School of Forest Resources & Conservation 

David Blackburn Department of Natural History, Florida Museum of Natural History 

Victor Blanco UF/IFAS Extension - Florida Sea Grant 

Lindsay Bloch Florida Archaeology/Ceramic Technology Lab 

Tyler Bowling ichthyology 

Chandra Earl Informatics 

Vincent Encomio IFAS Extension 

Aria Eshraghi Ph.D. Infectious Diseases & Immunology 

Andrea Gonzalez Gonzalez Biology 

Alexandra Hernandez Biology 

Dan Johnson School of Forest Resources and Conservation 

Greg Jongsma Herpetology 

Nick Keiser Biology 

Taliesin Kinser Biology 

Eman Kirolos Home Office 

Mathew Leibold Biology 

Dina Liebowitz Field & Fork Campus Food Program (located by the Bat Houses) 

Ana Longo Biology 

Verity Mathis Mammalogy collections 

Melissa Meadows Biology 

Nicholas Newell Biology 

Joshua Patterson Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 

Jimmy Peniston Biology 

Kasey Pham Biology 

Lindsey Riibe Biology 

Rob Robins Ichthyology (Fishes) 

Juliette Rubin Biology 

Joseph Ryan Whitney Laboratory for Marine Bioscience 

Maya Saar Biology 

Jade Salamone Santa Fe College Teaching Zoo 

Sam Smidt Soil and Water Sciences 

Pam Soltis FLMNH Molecular Lab 

Gabriel Somarriba Department of Natural History 

Jason Vogel School of Forest Resources and Conservation 

Elizabeth Webb School of Natural Resources and Environment 

Keith Willmott McGuire Center for Lepidoptera 

Sara Zlotnik Entomology and Nematology 

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